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Family life is important to God. Married life could be bliss or bland depending on how couples manage their relationships. Sustainable societies are a product of healthy marriages and stable families. In an age of secularity, breakdown of family values and increasing marital challenges, Grace Family Life Academy (GFA) is established to promote Biblical family life and build healthy marriages through value-based training, counseling, advocacy and mentoring. The Academy is a collaborative initiative of Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry and Fled International Leadership Institute

GFA Programs

The Academy provides a wide range of programs and services for Singles; engaged couples; and married couples. These include Pre-Marital Classes for Couples; Marital and Relationship Counselling for Married Couples; Mentoring Support for intending & Married Couples; Family Festivals, which brings families together to share their marital experiences,  mark wedding anniversaries, etc. The Institute’s flagship program is the Family Life Certification Course. 

Family Life Certification Course –FLCC

The GFI Family Life Certification Course holds twice in a year. It runs for one month in May and October. The FLC Course is a comprehensive Family life curriculum that deals with a wide range of topical issues on marriage, weddings, family roles, Marital Mentoring and more

Course Objectives

At the end of this Course participants are expected to

  • Clarify what marriage is and what it is not
  • Differentiate between marriage and wedding
  • Raise trans-generational families
  • Demonstrate gender roles in Family life
  • Function as Family Life Advocates & Counsellors

The Course is divided into four thematic modules.

Module 1.      Understanding Marriage

Module 2.      Wedding to Marriage

Module 3.      Marital Lifestyle Roles

Module 4.      Family Life Counselling & Mentor

Module 1. Understanding Marriage

Session 1:      What is marriage?

Session 2:      What is the purpose of marriage?

Session 3:      Why should people get married?

Session 4:      Is marriage for everyone?

Session 5:      Can people still fulfill God’s Purpose for their lives without being married?

Session 6:      Effects of marriage on individual liberties and preferences

Session 7:      How does marriage help to build or destroy society?

Session 8:      Right age for marriage, male and female – implications

Module 2.      Marriage to Wedding

Session 1: What are the different kinds of marriages?

  • Traditional – fundamental
    • Legal – State requirement
    • Church – Secondary, but important, where to marry and why?

Session 2:      Conducting Pre-marital Due Diligence – PDD

Session 3:      Cross-cultural marriages – challenges & opportunities

Session 4:      Money and marriage – issues to consider

Session 5:      Marital Communication Skills & Self-esteem

Session 6:      Difference between Marriage and Wedding

Session 7:      Wedding planning – what are important, what can be overlooked
How does marriage help to build or destroy society?

Module 3.      Marital Lifestyle Roles

Session 1:      First 3-months after Wedding- the joys, the pains, the way forward

Session 2:      Gender Roles in Family Life

Session 3:      Understanding Marital Conflicts and how to handle them

Session 4:      Building Family Economy

Session 5:      Preparing for a Trans-Generational Family

Module 4.      Family Life Counselling & Mentoring

Session 1:      Creating Marital Mentorship – identifying mentors & rules of engagement

Session 2:       Introduction to Family Life Counselling – rules of engagement

Session 3:      Understanding Family Life Advocacy – principles & practice

Session 4:      Marriage -Separation – Divorce – Re-marriage – possibilities & implications

Candidates that complete the Course are certified as Family Life Advocates & Counsellors – FLAC.


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