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GRACE MINISTERIAL IMPACT ASSOCIATION (GMIA) formerly Kingdom Impact Network is a global membership of professional Christians who minister in and outside the walls of conventional local churches. The Members are committed to inspiring each other to make impact in communities around the world through their work.

GMIA started in April 2016 in Abuja, Nigeria by Rev. Joseph C. Ibekwe, in response to a divine instruction. Though GMIA is non-denominational in outlook and operations, it exists as an extension of Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry Inc, aka, Graced Family Chapel.

Since inception, it has maintained a strong membership from around the country. It has supported the hosting of nation-wide People & Power Conferences and Kingdom Impact Conference.

GMIA seeks to influence collective kingdom action in the Body of Christ standing on this scripture:

 “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that you ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one for another” John 13:34 & 35.

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GMIA exists “To connect graces and harness skills to support visions for greater kingdom impact”.

The Mission:

“To support our members to implement life-impact projects that empowers individuals and uplift communities around the world”.

Premise of GMIA

We believe that:

When individuals connect by vision, strategy and purpose, they create uncommon impacts -Gen.11:6

Impact is a key  proof of our kingdom stewardship.

Working together is better working alone.

GMIA Objectives

  • To mobilize financial, human and material resources to support our members in the pursuit of their visions;
  • To serve as platform for spiritual encouragement, resource sharing, idea-development and implementation of community-impact projects;
  • To support our members to run Community-Impact Ministries and Businesses;
  • To promote peer review, peer support and accountability to our members.

Activities of GMIA

  1. Facilitate the hosting of Kingdom Impact Conferences.
  2. Hold occasional Members-Only Retreats.
  3. Support members to run Community-Impact Ministries and businesses
  4. Support members to be active in politics as Party members and volunteers
  5. Build leadership capacity of members to enable them succeed in their professions as kingdom ministers.
  6. Support Members to carry out their own specific Back to My Roots (BMR) Projects.

Our Approach

We position GMIA as a place where everyone is respected, treated as valuable, and as an equal.  This means members are continually:

  1. Learning from others;
  2. Sharing what they learn with others;
  3. Cooperating with others;
  4. Recruiting others to join GMIA
  5. Making impact through their works.

Back to My Roots (BMR) Project

GMIA encourages her members to be community-focused, through what we call “Back to My Roots Project” (BMR). GMIA members re-connect with their communities by implementing specific community-benefit projects. The project must have the possibility of self-sustenance. It must address specific problem peculiar to that community. The Project usually receives support from members for implementation.

BMR projects are carried out between the months of August – December every year.


GMIA welcomes members from around the world. An aspiring Member must be actively engaged in the pursuit of his/her assignment, vision, business, profession or politics. Intending members are to complete the Membership Form.

Every Member of GMIA is a Minister, irrespective of whatever you are engaged in. Members exchange invitations to Minister at events and churches and to participate in BMR Projects implementation. This promotes Ministerial Inter-dependence and sharing of skills for kingdom advancement.  All members of GMIA also have the privilege to become Associate Visiting Ministers – AVM with Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry, if they so desire.


GMIA models responsible, visionary leadership in its administration wherever it exists. A servant-leadership style is the approved norm. There shall be no arbitrariness. Decisions shall be by consensus. GMIA encourages an organic, relational leadership model instead of the hierarchical leadership model. Leadership shall be for coordination of activities and not for the control of members. There shall be no ‘Lording it over’ on Members for any reason, at any time.


GMIA is to remain financially strong and self-sustaining to actualize its mandate.  Activities of GMIA are funded through membership registration and renewal fees and Annual Partnership Pledge – GMIA – APP by members and supporters. No member is under compulsion to give money at any time. Each person is encouraged to give, as they are blessed, and according to their financial capacity.

Raising Funds in GMIA

There should be no coaxing or manipulations to cause people to give or to support any projects or events. Conditions to raise funds in GMIA include.

  1. To support Special Events – These include Kingdom Impact Conferences, Seminars, Meet-n-Greet Events, GMIA Retreats, etc. This shall be by free will. Some of the events shall attract a cost-recovery participation fee to be determined by the organizing teams.
  2. To Support Members to execute their BMR Project – Individual Members of GMIA are to support another member with their skills and funds to help them execute their BMR projects. Such support shall pass through GMIA for coordination and reporting.
  3. To Support Ministry Start-Up/Welfare – If a member is about to start up a Ministry and asks for our support, GMIA shall announce such need and encourage Members to contribute towards that on personal basis. In addition, if it comes to the knowledge of GMIA that a member is in dire need of welfare, members will be encouraged to extend their benevolence to such a member. This welfare support shall be obligatory.


  1. The National Leadership Team of GMIA organizes annual Retreat and plans the Annual Kingdom Impact Conference, and other special events.
  1. Each State GMIA is to host a mini-conference in the state every year.
  1. Chapters are to hold regular Impact Meeting to pray, to plan and to implement community-impact projects.
  2. GMIA members are to recruit potential members to join the Association. Every member is a recruiter and a capacity builder.
  3. Members must ensure they understand the purpose of GMIA and operate within its strategic objectives.
  4. Any person can withdraw their membership from the Association at any time, with or without reason, but must settle outstanding obligations to GMIA.
  5. Members are to support each other at any time and in whatever capacity they can.

Administrative Financials

Registration Fee                                          $5 (N2,000)

Annual Membership Subscription              $25 (N10,000)

Membership Benefits

Membership of GMIA is a commitment to learn, to support and to receive support from others. Members enjoy the benefit of shared resources for their projects and initiatives. There are many opportunities for capacity building of members to enable each person to succeed in their assignments.


It is important to clarify that GMIA is a unique open-ended, mission-based, project-focused organization. Individuals join because of what they aim to contribute to support members in the group to succeed in their work and callings. In order words, GMIA exists for the members, and not members for the Association.

The impact of GMIA draws from the impact made by members in their fields of calling and the projects they carry out through BMR around the world. GMIA is a member-focused Association. 

How to Join

It is very easy to join GMIA. You can register directly to join the Association.

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For further inquiries, please contact:

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Flexibility and Fluidity are the hallmark of the Association.


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