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AUGUST 3-31, 2024

Focus: Concepts, Controversies and Contexts


Family life is important to God. Married life could be bliss or bland depending on how couples manage their relationships. Sustainable societies are a product of healthy marriages and stable families. In an age of secularism, breakdown of family values and increasing marital challenges, Grace Family Life Institute is established to promote Biblical family life and build healthy marriages through value-based training, counseling, advocacy and mentoring.

The Family Life Development Program is a comprehensive Family life curriculum.  It is divided into three levels, taken separately and sequentially. Certificate is issued at the end of each level. A participant that complete the three levels will be awarded a Diploma in Family Development. This qualifies the graduate to practice as Family Life Development Advocate and Cousellor, FLiDAC.

Level 1. Basic Certificate Course in Family Life Development – Concepts, Controversies and Contexts, Wedding & Marriage

Level 2. Advanced Certificate Course in Family Life Development 

Level 3. Diploma Certificate in Family Life Development – Family Life Advocacy & Counselling.

General Program Objectives

The programs helps participants to

  • Start and sustain enduring marital life
  • Clarify Social expectations on marriage 
  • Raise trans-generational families
  • Demonstrate gender roles in Family life
  • Function as Family Life Advocates & Counsellors

Who should Attend this Course?

The course is open to everyone , irrespective of religious affiliation. It is specially recommended for:

  • Those considering starting a family soon, or later.
  • Currently Engaged Couples
  • Married persons seeking to strengthen their marriages
  • Those that want to expand their knowledge and reconcile contemporary family issues with according the Biblical standards;
  • Those that will like to Certify as Family Life development Advocates and Counsellors – FLiDAC.

This Level 1, Basic Certificate Course,  is offered free to all participants. But there is space reservation fee of N2000/$3. 

Duration: 4 weeks 

Time:  Every Saturday,  3:00pm – 5:00pm

Onsite: Grace Hall, KMC Hotel, KMC Street, Off NNPC Filling Station, Karu Site, Abuja.

Online: Zoom link will be sent to all registered participants

To reserve your space, Pay N2000/$3 into:

Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry

      N:  1312142154. 

    $:    5074704122    

         Zenith Bank

Or through our secured online payment platform, paystack

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The Basic Certificate Course has four modules, with each module having different topical sessions for in-depth learning and discussion.

Module 1.    Defining & Understanding Marriage Concepts

Module 2.    Digging Deeper: Marriage & Wedding

Module 3.      Practical Support Tools for Strong Marriage

Module 4.    Starting and Sustaining a home -beyond the Wedding Day 

Program Faculty

The Program is taught by a multi-disciplinary team of experienced Family Life Development Faculty with requisite Biblical and academic background.


About GFI

Grace Family Life Institute is financially supported by Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry Inc. The course is and it is certified by FLED International Leadership Institute  

The Institute offers a wide range of programs and services for Singles; engaged couples; and married couples. These include Pre-Marital Classes for Couples; Marital and Relationship Counselling for Married Couples; Mentoring Support for intending & Married Couples.

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This Course is Certified by

Fled International Leadership Institute


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