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Show your creativity

Create an ingredient list that can be used to prepare a nutritious pot of soup for a family of 6 with a budget of less than N1,000.  
Itemize your ingredients and cost of each.

send your entry to email:

Good food makes a lot of difference. Good food must not cost a fortune.

It’s time to prove it

Jesus said, I was hungry and you fed me….” (Matt. 25:35).  Certainly, there are people around us who, because of present circumstances, can’t afford good meals for themselves and their families. Particularly, we believe that no member of our Church should go to bed hungry at any time, except the Church is not aware of the situation.

Grace Kitchen & Food Centre Ltd (GKFC) is a social enterprise company established to provide nutritious meal and food items at low cost to individuals that are circumstantially disadvantaged.

The Company is engaged in the food value chain including procurement, purchase, processing, distribution of raw food materials across the country. It also serves cooked meals. It is a resident kitchen as well as a mobile kitchen that opens in different locations as often as possible. 

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