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2021 Kingdom Impact Conference

Theme:  Rebuilding Family Values for National Development

Date: October 8&9, 2021

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 1st Annual Kingdom Impact Conference

Theme: A Caring people, creating a caring Society

Matt. 25: 34-41

October 9 & 10 , 2020

First Words 

The world we live in is full of troubles. Though everyone has issues, some people have greater difficulties than others. Everywhere you go, there are confusion, distrust, physical insecurity and individualism. In the midst of these, how can a Christian be a caring person? What does it mean to be a caring person?  What are the practical ways of showing care to others in our world today?

Taking our bearing from the story that Jesus told as recorded in Matt. 25:34-41, about how the little things we do for others count before him.

This conference seeks to explore how a believer can live a caring life in the midst of an uncaring world. From the story Jesus told, we identified six key areas through which can show care for others in our communities.

These include:

  1. Hunger alleviation – Mitigating Poverty through small Business Start ups
  2. Safe water provision – Safe Water to the Poor as Tool for Evangelism
  3. Homelessness – shelter provisions – Shelter for the Homeless Poor as Tool for Evangelism
  4. Clothing for the naked – Clothing for the Poor as Tool for Evangelism
  5. Medicare for the sick – Medicare for the Poor as Tool for Evangelism
  6. Visiting Prisoners and those in confinement. – The Power of Prison Evangelism

We have invited experienced kingdom men and women to lead us in this discussion and to show us practical ways to live out the caring life in our present world. This is one powerful way of preaching the gospel in the world today.

Kingdom Impact Conference is a believers meeting. It is not an outreach to unbelievers. We want to talk to ourselves and retool ourselves to pursue kingdom purpose in the new world following the COVID-19 pandemic.

I want to ask you to please send the link of this conference to your friends where they might be to join us. We are in this together. The Holy Spirit wants to do so much in our world, but He needs our cooperation. It is for this reason that we put up this conference.

May the Lord bless you and empower you to apply what you’ll learn from this conference into your daily life, going forward. Don’t ever forget that you are a kingdom personality.

Thank you.

Pst. Joseph C. Ibekwe

Founder, KIN

Meet our Speakers

Arch. Emeka Okoye

ARCH. EMEKA OKOYE has an M.Sc in Architecture from the University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland. He has successfully traversed several business lines at international levels. These include Clothing and Fashion, where he won several awards for TOM and finesse, Real Estate and Global Financial Services Consultancy.

Presently, he is the Chairman of GTI/AC Yafeng West Africa, a conglomerate with diverse interests in Construction, Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Financial Services and Agriculture. He also co-ordinates the Priests and Kings Fellowship, a Global Assembly of End time soldiers of Christ with a vision to win souls for Christ.

Called to serve the Lord in an encounter with Jesus Christ in 2002, Pastor Emeka is happily married to Vivian Chinelo Mole and they are blessed with four children. Tymek, Yeshuwah, Maria and Emmanuel Okoye.

At this Conference, Arc. Emeka  will be giving us insights on how address poverty in the Body on the topicMitigating Poverty through Small Business Start-ups”

Rev. Tokunbo Adejuwon

Rev. Tokunbo Adejuwon is a man of the Word and of the Holy Spirit. He is happily married to Dr. Akunna and they have three lovely children.

He is an ordained Minister of the gospel and currently serves at Rhema Bible Training Centre Nigieria as the National Director. Rhema Nigeria is one of the International campuses of Rhema USA aka Kenneth Hagin Ministries.

At this Conference, Rev. Toks will be discussing practical ways we can take care of the sick on the topic Medicare for the Poor as Tool for Evangelism”.

Pst. Mrs. Funmilayo Adebesin holds Ph.D Educational Administration and Planning from the Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State.

She is married to Pst. Adebesin Adebare and both of them have been in full-time Pastors with Winners Chapel International for 25 years and are presently Pastoring in Port Harcourt. Their marriage is blessed with 3 boys.

Dr. Mrs Adebesin is a published author of four books, including: Living for God in today’s world, How to grow in Christ now that you are born again, Password for Single Ladies, and The Winning Teenager.

She is a successful network marketer, currently with Norland industrial group. A  regular lecturer at the Word of Faith Bible Institute of Winners Chapel since 1998 and a lecturer at British American Business School, Port Harcourt.

At this Conference, Dr. Mrs. Adebesin will be sharing with us on the topic “Shelter for the Homeless Poor as Tool for Evangelism”

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Emme Ikem

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Emme  Ikem  is the former  Provost of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ), Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria; and the first ever female to head the institution.  She served for a record period of over 14 years, meritoriously steering the “ship” of the institution.  She is currently the MD/CEO of Shama Communications Ltd, a Consulting /Communication /Publishing Outfit based in Lagos.

Ikem holds a Phd, in Communication and Language Arts from the University of Ibadan. In the recent past, she has attended professional training courses at the London School of Publishing, UK; University of Manchester Business School, UK among others.   

She is a Fellow of the Nigerian Guild of Editors; a Honourary Deputy Director of the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge; and a member (MCArb) of the Nigerian Institute of Chartered Arbitrators among others. 

Dr. Ikem is a woman of many parts.  She was once a lecturer in the department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos; Times Journalism School, Iganmu, Lagos and Nigerian Institute of Journalism Ogba.  She spent over a decade of her career years in the Daily Times of Nigeria, where she was among others: a Columnist, Acting Chairman of Editorial Board, Editor of Times Home Studies, as well as Special Assistant and Adviser to the company’s Managing Director. 

She was formerly on the faculty of TREM Career Academy, Lagos, Nigeria.  Lizzy Ikem, as she is popularly called, has a passion for teaching and imparting communication skills for effective communication across professions and sectors, in particular to foster understanding aimed to avoid disputes and resolve conflicts. 

She is the author of “Power Writing: the author‘s guide “; a book dedicated to promoting effective communication.  She also authored “Inspired: in His presence“; “Empowered to Impact: A Biography of Bishop Mike Okonkwo” and others.  Ikem is a Publisher, Biographer, Editor, Writer and Reviewer.

Dr. Ikem is a Reverend in The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM), a Ministry where she has served the Lord Jesus for over 31 years. She is married to Engineer Nathaniel C. Ikem, and they are blessed with children and grand children.

At this Conference, Dr. Mrs. Ikem will be sharing with us on the topic “Safe Water to the Poor as an Evangelism Strategy”.

Rev. Oliver Anajemba

Rev. Oliver Anajemba has been in ministry for over 25 years. He resides in California where he has been with the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) at the Headquarter in Tustin California, for 15 years.

He is also the President of Faith Development Center Inc, a resource center committed to establishing God’s way in the nations of the world. A highly in demand minister with a passion and grace to communicate the revealed World through every available media.

At this Conference, Rev. Oliver will be talking with us on the topic Clothing for the Poor as Tool for Evangelism”.


Pastor Mrs. Esther Obasi-ike, PhD

Esther Obasi-ike is a pastor, a dynamic preacher of the gospel, a corporate consultant and a multi-gifted international inspirational speaker.

Pastor Esther has held different ministerial leadership positions in past 25 years. She is currently the pastor in charge of RCCG Solution Centre, Nairobi which has over one thousand members.

Pastor Esther is also the Founder/ President of the Queen Esthers’ Generation (QEG), a dynamic interdenominational women’s outreach that aims to Transform, Equip, Empower and Engage God’s people for Christian Service.

Pastor Esther holds a doctorate in Missiology from Fuller Theological seminary, California USA and a Masters’ degree from Africa International University Nairobi, Kenya. She was also trained in the world class Haggai Institute Hawaii USA

Pastor Esther has been married for 27 years to Pastor Prince Okechukwu Obasi-ike, the pioneer missionary of RCCG Eastern Africa Region since 1995, and the Special Assistant Missions to Pastor E.A Adeboye. They are blessed with two sons, Favour Obasi-ike and Goodnews Obasi-ike.

Pastor Dr Esther sits on the Board of several organisations. She has also received awards of excellence from different institution including the Africa International University (Nairobi – Kenya) and The Kenya Christian Professionals Forum.

At this Conference, Dr. Mrs. Obasi-ike  will be sharing her experience in prison ministry with us on the topic “The Power of Prison Evangelism”.

This conference will speak to the issues that have given you concern in recent times, as a believer.  You wouldn’t want to miss out. Please invite every believer you can reach to join this conference. It’s about us working together to make impact in a convoluted world, while shining forth as lights in the world, wherever we might be.


… Great things happen when we act together


Working together makes a lot of difference; it helps create greater impact in any community. It is for this reason that Kingdom Impact Network (KIN) is established.

KINGDOM IMPACT NETWORK (KIN) is a Spirit-led, Kingdom-focused, missionary Movement that connects Christian leaders in ministry, politics, Business and Professions to act together to create collective Socio-Kingdom impact in their communities and around the world.  We are a community of open-ended global network of Christians committed to inspiring each other and helping one another.

KIN was started in April 2016 by Pastor Joseph C. Ibekwe, as an extension of the mandate he received from God on February 17, 1995 ‘to go raise the foundations of many generations…’ (Taken from Isaiah 58:12b). The primary purpose of KIN is to connect Christian leaders in ministry, politics, business, and professions to advance Kingdom purpose beyond denominational boundaries. KIN is more interested in creating collective impact than in creating a bureaucracy. KIN seeks to influence the influencers in the Body of Christ for collective kingdom, riding on two scriptures:

John 13:34 & 35: “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that you ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one for another”.

 John 17: 21: “That they all may be one; as thou Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.”

There is a knowing about us and a believing about who he is that sent Jesus, which the world cannot understand except we do two things: we walk in love and we maintain the spirit of unity, as Christians. This will not come about by preaching and mere evangelization, but by living a life of impact in this world, through collective engagement, even though we are not of this world.  This is the spirit behind the existence of KIN.

KIN exists “To support our members to make greater kingdom impact with their lives through their call into Ministry, Business, Politics and professions”. 

The Mission of KIN is “To innovate, develop and implement kingdom-impact projects and interventions that empower communities around the world.

Premise of Existence

We believe that:

“Wherever Christians in Ministry, Politics, Business and professions connect and become blind to denominational differences, they will create uncommon impact in the society”.

Objectives of KIN

  • To support the hosting of Kingdom Impact Conference across the country.
  • To facilitate capacity development and funds mobilization for community-impact projects by members in Nigeria and around the world.
  • To promote political education and economic empowerment of marginalized communities.
  • To support members of the Network to run Community-Impact Organizations and Businesses.

We want you to join us.

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Thematic Focus

  1. Spiritual -We deal on matters that enhance our collective spirituality, beyond denominational boundaries. We believe that the Body of Christ is too powerful to play second fiddle in the world. We also believe that if Christian leaders can pursue God’s kingdom purpose above their denominational missions, the world will take notice that “we have been with Jesus” and our fear will fall on them. Hence we:
  • Encourage spiritual leaders to steer away from ‘My Ministry’ to ‘His Ministry’.
  • Promote networking opportunities among Ministry leaders for peer support through sharing of facilities among themselves to enhance Kingdom impact.
  • Support Students Fellowships on Campuses, irrespective of denominational affiliations.
  • Mobilize Support for Itinerant Ministries in Nigeria
  1. Economic – We deal on matters that improve our economic capacity for kingdom influence. We believe a Christian needs to be economically empowered in order to effectively support the gospel, to have a voice in the public space, and to be able to influence public policy. Hence we:
  • Encourage entrepreneurship and business start-ups to enable us become wealth creators.
  • Show how Christian Business people and professionals could use their businesses and professions to influence public policy.
  1. Political – We deal on matters that build our capacity to participate in politics for kingdom advancement. We believe that politics is a kingdom business; therefore every Christian should participate in the political life of their communities and nations. Hence, we:
  • Volunteer in support of Christians seeking political office, irrespective of Political party.
  • Carry out Voter Education to help citizens understand why political participation is a critical civic responsibility.

Activities of KIN

  1. Facilitate the hosting of Kingdom Impact Conferences across Nigeria and around the world.
  2. KIN shall hold Members-Only Retreats as often as possible.
  3. Serve as platform for Biblical encouragement, resource-sharing, idea-development and financing of community impact projects across the country and beyond.
  4. Support members to run Community-Impact Ministries and organizations
  5. Support members to be active in politics and mission-based entrepreneurial businesses.
  6. Share knowledge and build leadership capacity of members to enable them succeed in their professions and callings.
  7. Support Members to carry out their own specific Back to My Roots Projects (BMR).

Our Approach

We believe we can create greater impact in our society if we work together. KIN is a network where everyone is respected and treated as valuable and as an equal.  This means individuals are:

  1. Learning from others;
  2. Sharing what they learn with others;
  3. Cooperating with others;
  4. Recruiting others to join the Movement
  5. Doing positive things with their lives to impact others.

In doing these, we deploy the most cost-effective means of communication including online radio, the internet and social media platforms to engage with ourselves and the general public to learn, to share, and do things that make a difference in communities around the world in a seamless, uncomplicated manner. In the conduct of our affairs, flexibility and fluidity is our guiding principle. We try not to be bugged down by bureaucracy, but focus our energy on what works than on maintaining status quos. We remain innovative, yielding to the Holy Spirit, and daring new things within the ambit of unfolding knowledge and revealed Scriptural truths. This means that we are not be afraid to try new things, even when it does not conform to contemporary practices, provided those things do not violate the Word of God.

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Membership into the Network is open to all Christian Leaders in Ministry, Business, Politics and Professions including Women Leaders and young Christian leaders on campuses. Membership can only be accepted following a recommendation/introduction of a member. Intending members shall complete the Membership Form without a fee.


The Kingdom Impact Network seeks to model responsible, visionary, leadership in the administration of the movement wherever it exists. A servant-leadership style shall be the norm. There shall be no arbitrariness. Decisions shall be by consensus. The Network encourages an organic, relational leadership model instead of the hierarchical leadership model. Leadership shall be for coordination of activities and not for the control of members. There shall be no ‘Lording it over’ on Members for any reason and at any time.

Global Structure

There shall exist, Chapters of the Kingdom Impact Network (KIN) anywhere in the world including cities, communities and Campuses of tertiary educational institutions. In Nigeria, the following structures shall exist.

  1. There shall be an International Coordinating Secretariat.
  2. There shall be a National Coordinating Secretariat.
  3. There shall be Leadership Structures at the State and Chapter levels
  4. The Leadership Team at the State Capital shall also serve as at the State Coordinating Team.


There shall exist, Chapters of the Kingdom Impact Network (KIN) at the State Capitals, the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, on Campuses of Tertiary educational institutions in Nigeria and other Localities across the country.

  1. There shall be a National Coordinating Secretariat.
  2. There shall be a Leadership Structure at the National and Chapter levels
  3. The Leadership Team at the State Capital shall also serve as at the State Coordinating Team.

How to Establish a Chapter

Any group of 5 Christian leaders could decide to establish a Chapter in a City, a Locality or a Campus.  They shall meet and send a Letter of Intent to the State Coordinating Secretariat and copy the National Secretariat, with the names and signatories of those agreeing to establish the Chapter.

General Leadership Composition

  1. National Leadership Team
  • Founder/Mentor – FM
  • National Moderator – NM
  • Deputy National Moderator – DNM
  • National Secretary – NS
  • Director, Community Impact Projects – DCIP
  • Director, Strategy & Networks – DSN
  • Director, Finance & Resources Mobilization – DFRM
  • Director, Membership Services – DMS
  • Director, Business & Political Engagement – DBPE
  • Director, Prayer & Ministries Support – DPMS
  • Director, Communication & Public Affairs – DCPA

2. State Leadership Team

  • State Moderator – SM
  • Deputy State Moderator – DSM
  • State Secretary – SS
  • Coordinator, Strategy & Networks – CSN
  • Coordinator, Finance & Resources Mobilization – CFRM
  • Coordinator, Community Impact Projects – CMIP
  • Coordinator, Membership Services -CMS
  • Coordinator, Business & Political Engagement – CBPE
  • Coordinator, Prayer & Ministries Support – CPMS
  • Coordinator, Communication & Public Affairs – CCPA

3. Chapter Leadership Team

  • Chapter Coordinator – CC
  • Deputy Chapter Coordinator – DCC
  • Chapter Secretary – CS
  • Team leader, Strategy & Networks – TSN
  • Team leader, Finance & Resources Mobilization – TFRM
  • Team leader, Community Impact Projects – TCIP
  • Team leader, Business & Political Engagement – TBPE
  • Team leader, Membership Services – TMS
  • Team leader, Prayer & Ministry Support – PPMS
  • Team leader, Communications & Public Affairs – TCPA


  1. The Leadership Team at each Chapter of KIN shall emerge from members who shall be nominated by one or two other members of KIN. Nobody shall nominate him/herself for a position.
  2. When more than one person is nominated for a particular position, then a secret ballot shall be held. Otherwise, no elections shall be conducted to fill spaces in KIN Leadership Team. People shall volunteer to serve. At no time shall more than two people be nominated for a single post. In case it happens, the first two nominees shall go in for election.

Leadership Roles

The roles herein outlined shall apply to all the leadership positions that exist from the National to the Chapters.

  1. National Moderator, State Moderators & Chapter Coordinators
    1. Leaders shall be responsible for coordinating all the activities of KIN within their areas of operation.
    2. All the State Moderators shall report to the National Moderator, while Chapter Coordinators shall report to the State Moderators in the States.
  1. Deputy Moderator, Deputy Coordinators, Deputy Chapter Coordinator

To work with their leaders for effective operations of the KIN in each location, including standing in when the leader is out of station.

  1. Strategy & Networks – develops engagement strategies with other relevant organizations for collaboration with KIN. Develop new ways of hosting Kingdom Impact Conference in a more cost-effective ways without compromising on standards and quality.
  2. Secretary – Responsible for taking notes at meeting, arranging for meeting and other matters associated with the office.
  3. Finance & Resources Mobilization – facilitates the securing of financial and material resources required to support hosting of Kingdom Impact Conferences as well as other specific projects of the KIN in each location.
  4. Community Impact Project – Encourages members to start and implement the BMR projects and keeps track and documents such projects for public dissemination.
  5. Membership Services – coordinates the recruitment of new members and keeping them abreast with the obligations and roles, as well as managing members’ welfare issues.
  6. Business & Political Engagement – Identify business opportunities that could be of benefit to members. Identify members interested in contesting for political positions and bringing them to the knowledge of KIN, promote political and voter education among members and outside of KIN.
  7. Prayer & Ministries Support – Coordinates prayer matters as well as mobilize support for members of KIN that are starting out in Ministry or requiring Ministry support of any kind.
  8. Communications & Social media – Develops communications strategies for public engagement and maintain KIN presence in the Social media.

Leadership Selection Process

  1. The Leadership Team at each Chapter of KIN shall emerge from members who shall be nominated by one or two other members of KIN. Individuals can also nominate themselves to serve, provided the nomination is seconded by another member.
  2. When more than one person is nominated for a particular position, then a ballot shall be held. Otherwise, no elections shall be conducted to fill spaces in KIN Leadership Team. People shall volunteer to serve. At no time shall more than two people be nominated for a single post. In case it happens, the first two nominees shall go in for election.

Leadership Tenure

  1. Each Team member at the National, State or Chapter levels shall serve non-renewable two-year (2) tenure.
  2. The person who has served in State leadership Team may be nominated to serve at National position, while a former Chapter leader may be nominated to serve in the State leadership team, immediately after expiration of their tenure.

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Funding of the Network

The Kingdom Impact Network is expected to be financially strong and self-sustaining in order to actualize its mandate. However, it does not collect membership registration fee, dues or renewal membership fees from any member.

Activities of the Network shall be funded through the generous financial support of our members and partners. No member is under compulsion to give money at any time. At the beginning of each year, every member is expected to make a pledge of what they can give to support the work of KIN for that year. Individuals are encouraged to pledge and to give as they are blessed and according to their financial capacity. We believe that God’s project cannot be stalled on account of resources. We believe that through the provisions of God, we can get the job done at any time.

Rationale for Non-Payment of Dues

We believe it is not appropriate to place dues or levies on God’s people for any reason. Once dues or levies are enacted in a group, there is always the need to stipulate punishment for those that fail to meet up or are not able to pay, for whatever reason. In an attempt to enforce payment or compliance, relationships are often strained, which could affect fellowship and smooth communication among the group members. Again, paying of dues or levies tends to be legalistic and not discretionary; therefore, it does not promote choice and freewill. It does not encourage liberality of spirit; rather it cages people and puts them under the burden of fulfilling external obligation – as they may feel bound and restricted.

Another thing about dues and levies is that the motivation for payment does not come from the inside – the heart – rather it is externally imposed on the individual, even when the person may have agreed to pay it at the outset. The word DUES, connotes debt owed. Similarly, the word LEVY means to collect by assessment, to exact by authority. It connotes imposition – tax or fine. And the word tax connotes a burdensome demand. These are pictures that irritate the mind and limits people’s freedom to associate.  Kingdom Impact Network is a fellowship of God’s people; therefore, we don’t subscribe to placing God’s people on dues or levy payment to sustain the work.

Instead, we believe people should be allowed to exercise their freewill and to decide what it is they can afford to give, according their capacity and level of liberality. For this reason, we suggest the following options to raise money for KIN operations:

  1. Taking pledges at the beginning of each year.
  2. Collecting free will offerings at meetings
  3. Donations/contributions, at will.

Freewill is a person’s natural inclination, unforced choice. It is the ability to choose one’s actions or determine what reasons are acceptable motivations for actions taken. A donation is a voluntary gift or contribution for a specific cause. To donate is to give away something of value to support or contribute towards a cause or for the benefit of another. The common thing in these concepts is the idea of voluntary. That is why for any of these options, the individual’s discretion is given full liberty. The person is at liberty to choose what they want to pledge, offer, donate or contribute. When making call to raise funds, there should be no limits, minimum or maximum, amounts. Nobody shall be made to feel small or inferior on account of what they decide to give or not to give. The motivation to give must come from the inside, the heart, and not to be forced from the outside.  Peoples’ money is their heart. If it doesn’t come from their heart, it means the people are being swindled. We shall encourage our members to give, freely and willingly, as they purpose in their hearts, not as they are commanded or obligated by reason of levy or dues.

Therefore, there shall be no levies on members; rather individuals are encouraged to give what they can afford per time. Nobody should be pressured to give more than they can afford. There should be no coaxing or manipulations to cause people to give or to support. Those who are not able to give, by reason of temporary circumstances, should not feel guilty.

Leaders of KIN at all levels must observe this rule. Everything must be done decently and in order, without compulsion.

Chapter Leaders shall submit financial statements to their members on an annual basis. The financial statements shall also be submitted to the national Office.

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Conditions for Raising Funds in the Network

Apart from yearly pledges and free will offering at KIN meetings, other Fund raising activities shall only be on Project-basis; that is, to execute specific projects at hand.

There are three conditions upon which funds shall be raised within KIN. These are:

To support hosting of Kingdom Impact Conferences – All funds donated for hosting Kingdom Impact Conference shall be domiciled at Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry. Funds raised for the National or State for Conferences shall be transferred to the National or State Team leaders who shall administer the funds.

To Support Members to execute their BMR Project – Individual Members of KIN are encouraged to support individual members with their personal funds to help them organize their BMR projects. Such funds will go directly to the Member’s account and not through KIN. However, the leaders in charge of Community Impact Projects shall be the cheerleaders for such funding support – they should be aware of the donations.

Back To My Roots. Click here for more information


To Support Ministry Start-Up/WelfareIf a member is about to start up a Ministry and asks for our support, KIN will announce such need and encourage Members to contribute towards that on personal basis. Also, if it comes to the knowledge of KIN that a member is in need of welfare, members will be encouraged to extend their benevolence to such a member. Providing financial support to individuals for BMR projects, Ministry Start-up or Welfare shall be on personal basis and not as an institutional obligation. However, the leadership of KIN may offer discretionary support to a member in dire situation, before individual members can respond. Also, as occasion demands, members could gather money and other resources to support a Member getting married or burying a spouse.

Emergency Fund Raising

There could be an emergency situation in any community anywhere, wherein KIN decide to intervene. In that case, the KIN leadership may call for emergency financial and material support to attend to such a situation. Nevertheless, contributions for such emergency shall still be by free will donations, and not made compulsory for every member. At no time shall members be levied for any matter.

Custody of Funds

All yearly pledge funds shall be domiciled with Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry while Emergency Funds, Welfare Fund and Freewill offerings collected during KIN Chapter meetings or any other shall be kept and managed by the Chapter leadership.

Membership Responsibilities

  1. The National Leadership Team of KIN shall be actively involved in organizing the Annual National Kingdom Impact Conference.
  1. The National Leadership Team shall also organize an Annual Membership Retreat. State Teams shall also organize an annual Retreat at a time they deem fit. The retreat could just be a weekend of Friday afternoon to Saturday evening or just Saturday.
  1. Each State KIN is expected to host a Kingdom Impact Conference in the state every year.
  1. Chapters are expected to hold Regular Impact Meetings to network, to plan, to share knowledge, build skills and to implement community-impact projects. The regularity of such meeting shall be at the discretion of each Chapter or State (Refer to Guide to KIN Meeting).
  2. KIN members are to recruit potential members including Christian under-graduate student leaders, to join the Network. Essentially, every member is a recruiter and a capacity builder.
  3. Members must ensure they understand the purpose of KIN and operate within its strategic objectives.
  4. Any person can withdraw their membership from the Network at any time, with or without notice or reason, provided that there are no outstanding obligations to the Network.
  5. Members are expected to willingly support the Network with their resources as they have capacity.

Membership Benefits

Membership in the Network is a commitment to learn, to serve and to network with others for the purpose of creating kingdom impacts, individually and collectively. Therefore, members will enjoy the benefit of shared resources and collective support for their kingdom-oriented projects and initiatives. There will be ample opportunity for capacities building of members to enable each person to succeed in their ministry, business, or political engagement.

KIN members shall be entitled to attend Leadership Courses at Fled International Leadership Institute at discounted rates.


  1. The National Leadership Team of KIN organizes annual Retreat and plans the Annual National Kingdom Impact Conference.
  2. Chapters are expected to hold a Monthly Impact Meeting to fellowship, to pray, to plan and to implement community-impact projects.
  1. KIN members are to recruit potential members in their area who are in Ministry, Politics, Business and Professions, including Christian under-graduate student leaders, to join the Network. In fact, every member is a recruiter and a capacity builder.
  2. Members must ensure they understand the purpose of KIN and operate within its strategic objectives.
  3. Any person can withdraw their membership from the Network at any time, with or without notice or reason, provided that there are no outstanding obligations to the Network.
  4. Members are expected to willingly support the Network with their resources as may be required. 

Membership Benefits

Membership in the Network is a commitment to learn, to serve and to fellowship with others for the purpose of creating kingdom impacts, individually and collectively. Therefore, members will enjoy the benefit of shared resources and collective support of their kingdom-oriented projects and initiatives. There will be ample opportunity for capacities building of members to enable each person to succeed in their ministry, business, or political engagement.

You can give to support the work. God bless you!


Individual members are expected to operate at high moral and ethical standards. They must be willing to learn, able to teach, ready to serve. Those found acting in the contrary may be asked to withdraw voluntarily or be disassociated from the network.

Each Chapter of Kingdom Impact Network is independent, but they are encouraged to work together with the other Chapters in their State and the National body to promote the objectives of the Network. However, if a Chapter Network is found not to upholding the values and mission of the network, it may be suspended or asked to close down until such times as it complies with the spiritual and ethics of the Network.


Although KIN encourages its members to be actively involved in Party Politics, KIN as a Group does not and will not endorse any Political Party at any time. Individual Members of KIN are at liberty to belong to any political party of their choice, but are they forbidden from canvassing their Party matters at KIN Meetings or on KIN WhatsApp Group.

In fact KIN members are encouraged to join different Political parties and to actively participate in their Party activities. We endeavor to promote tolerance of views and encourage our members to respect people that belong to Political parties’ different from theirs.  KIN’s overriding interest is to ensure that our people participate in public leadership for Kingdom advancement, irrespective of the political party platforms.

KIN members shall be trained to serve as Volunteer Voter Educators and Election Observers. Regular guidelines on Political participation shall be issued from time to time. Any member that violates this rule will be sanctioned.


KIN is a Missionary initiative of Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry (CGTM). As a movement, KIN will remain an open-ended association, which means people can join and leave the movement at anytime, without hindrance.  KIN will do everything to reduce possible leadership power tussles that could derail the movement. Flexibility and Fluidity shall be the modus operandi of KIN.

 The relevance of KIN draws from the impact made by its members in their fields of calling and the projects they carry out in their communities around the world.


We wait to receive you into KIN Family. Start here!

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