60 Days of Rain

Prepare for 2021 Before it Arrives

Dearly beloved, 

We welcome you again to our second annual end of the year 60 days of special engagement with heaven, during which time we reflect on the passing year and prepare ourselves for the  year ahead.

It doesn’t matter what have happened to you in 2020, God is still faithful. He is still ready to show you how to face what lies ahead. But you need to seek his face.  

We believe that we should prepare ahead and receive direction about what God would want us to do and where he would want us to be, in the coming year, before the new year actually arrives. 

In 2019, from November 2 – December 31, we focused on what we tagged 60 Days of Transfiguration . We took time to fast, to pray, to study, to receive direction, to plan for the year 2020, and to speak into it

We are glad to report that indeed, God spoke to us and provided us much need grace to overcome what eventually befell the world around in 2020. 

We do not take our live for granted, neither do we take the work of God lightly, that is the reason, once again, we have declared another season of divine encounter, tagged 60 Days of Rain

Once more, we shall be fasting, praying, teaching, receiving impartation and giving of thanks.

We know that the term “rain” means so many things to God’s people. 

We shall take a look at the different dimensions of Rain. We know that rain washes and cleanses dirt, it refreshes, it causes growth and brings about blossoming. However, the term will represent the following specific things to us during this period. 

R = Returning, Renewal & Revival

A = Asking for Divine Direction

I = Impartation for fresh Ideas 

N = New Strategies for kingdom exploits

We shall be studying and praying from the following key scriptures

Hosea 6:3; 10:12

Joel 2:23-29

Zechariah 10:1

Isaiah 29: 13-24

Isaiah 30:1 – 24

James 5:7

We would like you to join us in this journey as we reflect and prepare for the year 2021.

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