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Everyday Christian


A Christian is someone who has received Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour. A christian is not the one who attends a church or associates with a church. There are many who belong to a Church but they are not Christians. This may sound contradictory, but that is the fact.

Jesus affirmed to this when he said, “by their fruits, you shall know them”. He didn’t say, “by their association, their dressing or their words, ye shall know them”. There is a doing that identifies one as a christian or not. It is not the doing that makes one a christian, but the doing helps us to know if one is what he/she said he/she is.

It’s this doing that actually led to the early believers in Jesus to be called, “Christians”. This name was given to them at Antioch when the people saw that the believers conducted themselves in manners that demonstrated the lifestyle of Jesus Christ. So then, the name “Christian” means “Christ-like’ or to act like Christ.

But recall that Jesus did not call His followers, “Christians”. He called them “Disciples’.

Here is the deal! Jesus called his followers, ‘Disciples’. The world called the followers of Jesus Christ, “Christians”. These two names have stuck. However, the later seem to have grown in ascendancy, and gained general appeal.

Because of this, we are going to explore those characters, attributes, ways of life that the early believers exhibited that earned them the name “Christians”. Since the name is more of connected to the doings of believers at the time, and since today followers of Christ are universally called Christians, we want to examine the lifestyle of those called Christians today to see if it reflects the name “Christian”.

This is the focus of this Show titled “Everyday Christian”

What is about?

Everyday Christian is a show devoted to how a christian should live the christian life in the world today and collaborate with other believers to make kingdom impact.

Each edition of the Show features guest interviews, discussions, and experience-sharing from guests about Living the life and making impact in our world today in spite of challenges. 

The show seeks to answer the following questions and more:

  • Who is an Everyday Christian?
  • How do we recognize an everyday Christian`?
  • How does an everyday Christian live?
  • What makes an everyday Christian different in the world?
  • What are the challenges that everyday Christian face in the world today?
  • How can an everyday Christian receive support to live the everyday life?
  • In these series of podcasts, we shall seek to find answers to these questions.


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The Show is broadcast every Monday at 11: 00am – 12:00noon, West Africa Time


Everyday Christian is anchored by Joseph C. Ibekwe, the lead Pastor at Graced Family Chapel, Abuja, and the author of the book “How to Do More By Being More: Why a Christian Should Make Kingdom Impact”.

Show Structure

The Show is flexible, interactive and full of fun. Guests speak with grace, share their experiences living everyday life, and give insight on how to make a every christian life a reality in our day. 


Guest participation at the show is wide and open. Guests are invited from different strata of society and different denominational affiliations.

Start date

Monday January 4, 2021

Sponsorship Support

The Show is open for partnership and sponsorship. For information, please call:+234 (0) 803 326 1363

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