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Affiliation Opportunity


Acting alone is good, but acting together is far better. Acting together to expand kingdom operations is the reason we established the Grace Affiliate Churches and Ministries (GACM).

This is a collaborative platform through which we work with Churches and Para-Church Ministries affiliated to us to exchange diverse ministerial supports and resources to enable the Affiliates to function effectively within their peculiar focus.

Terms of Engagement 

  • A Church or Para-Church Ministry that seeks Affiliation must read and understand the unique identity of CGTM and locate how it aligns with their individual Ministry’s and Church’s focus.

  • Prospective Affiliates is to complete the Affiliation Application; stating the Ministry’s/Church’s vision, focus and reason it wants to Affiliate with CGTM. There is no Affiliation fee, both at the outset and for ongoing relationship.

  • An Affiliate may choose to run his or her Church or Ministry under the name of CGTM or operate with a different Brand name, but use CGTM as AKA. Example, you can have something like, Glory Life Centre aka Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry. Glory Life Centre is the Brand name of the Affiliate Ministry/Church, but Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry is the name it uses for official banking transactions*.

  • Each Affiliate Operates as an Independent Ministry/Church, and is not subject to the leadership of CGTM for its operations. This means that each Affiliate shall have financial and administrative autonomy as well as be self-organised in such a way as to reflect its own peculiarity and circumstance.

  • Each affiliate may decide to be paying its corporate tithe to CGTM as a mark of commitment to a continuing relationship with CGTM, but this is discretionary and not compulsory.

  • CGTM shall provide continuing mentorship support, linkages, and operational training to Affiliates, when requested. Terms of such training will be mutually agreed upon from time to time.

  • CGTM shall hold regular meetings/seminars/training, as the case may be, with Affiliates from time to time, to share ideas, compare notes, sharpen skills, and be mutually inspired for greater efficiency and ministerial effectiveness.

  • Affiliates that are not yet registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria or relevant government agency in the country of operation, but desire to do so, shall be assisted and guided on how to go about it.

  • Affiliate status is open-ended until an Affiliate chooses to opt out. This shall be done through a formal letter seeking to opt out as an Affiliate of CGTM. Such an Affiliate is not under any obligation to give reason(s) for the deciding to opt out. The request will be granted without prejudice, provided mutual obligations are settled.

  • CGTM shall have the right to disengage any Affiliate upon breach of the Terms of Engagement. A breach shall constitute any act(s) that is contrary to the spirit and letter of this engagement or any other act(s) that runs contrary to sound Christian Ministerial Practice and Ethics. An official Letter of disengagement shall be issued to the Affiliate.Affiliate relationship does not translate to a loss of independence of Affiliates. Each Affiliate is responsible for their ministerial choices and operations, and each will be answerable to their people and to the State where they operate for their actions or inaction.

  • Each Affiliate will be issued a Certificate of Affiliation from CGTM, which shall be conspicuously displayed in the Affiliates’ Office for the purpose of identification.

  • A guide on the use of CGTM corporate name and Logo by Affiliates is available on request.

If your Church or Ministry is interested in affiliating with us, please Register here

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