As a purpose-driven Church, our year calendar is designed to emphasize our purpose and to enable us implement on purpose.

January & June (Professions & Career- PC Months)  

During this period we teach and highlight different professions and Careers from Biblical perspective and how they could be used as vehicles to promote kingdom service and evangelism in the public space. We hold Career fairs and practical sessions on different professions.

February & July(Business & Economic Empowerment- BEE Months)

Throughout the month, we teach and educate our people in principles of kingdom economics and the interconnection with their daily life and impact in the society. We conduct Emerging Entrepreneurs Boot Camp (EEBC) during this month, and we hold series of economic empowerment training and activities.

March & August(Missions & Social Engagement – MSE Months)

Activities include personal evangelism training, missions’ conference, and practical mission trips both local and international. There will be intertwining among Affiliates for joint evangelistic events. We engage in different social service activities in our areas of operations to demonstrate community impact.

April & September (Discipleship & Praise Months)

During this period, we hold Faith Renewal Conference, Discipleship Programmes and other activities that make members deepen their commitment to spiritual maturity. We hold Praise Festival to round off the month’s activities.

 May & October (Health & Family Life Months)

Emphasis is promoting personal healthy lifestyle and responsible family life among our members. Family Empowerment Week is held in addition to Grace Family Life Academy (GFA), which runs special programmes for Singles, Married Couples, and others. Family picnics and concerts are held.

November and December (Food Festival & Thanksgiving Months).

During these months, Grace Kitchen & Food Centre Ltd will organize Food Festival and provide meals to people at little or no cost. Different Ministry Groups in the Church will have opportunity to showcase their achievements in the year. It is a period for Thanksgiving, festivities, and projection to the next year.

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Joseph  C. Ibekwe
Lead Pastor
Graced Family Chapel
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