Our Purpose & Mission

Graced Family Chapel, Abuja




Our Purpose (Why We Exist)

As part of the larger Body of Christ around the world, “We exist to transform lives for kingdom impact”.

Our Mission(What we do)

Our mission is “to raise ministers for ministries through a seamless combination of spirituality and social action”.

Therefore, our mission is five-fold:

  • To reach and save the lost, disciple and expose them to diverse ministries
  • To meet the needs of people (physical, material, intellectual, etc)
  • To build actively productive citizens who are spiritually and socially responsible 
  • To raise ministers for kingdom assignments 
  • To support ministers to engage in their ministries

Operational Strategy 

We commit to unleashing the creative resources of God’s people, and using functional, purposeful facilities supported by the most cost-effective, robust technology for our operations.

Our Vision (What we see)

We see churches and ministries springing out of CGTM in different locations around the world. Therefore;

The Churches /Ministries we see is a Family 

Family-friendly comprising members of all ages who are in different seasons in their lives; a place where tolerance, forgiveness and trust are possible; everyone is accepted and encouraged to listen and be listened to.

The Churches /Ministries we see is Relational

We are made up of everyday people with real flaws, real needs, and real hopes, each desiring to be better than they are, and willing to help others find peace and joy in their walk with God.

The Churches /Ministries we see is Word-based and Spirit-led

We give premium to the simplicity of God’s Word, relying on the Holy Spirit for manifestation and empowerment of our members to enjoy their daily Christian experience.

The Churches /Ministries we see is committed to People

Everyone looks out for everyone. Needs are met, lives are transformed; people grow in all areas of their life and are supported to pursue God’s purpose for their lives. Every believer in our Ministry has a Ministry within the Great Commission.

The Churches /Ministries we see is committed to Church Planting Mission

We are committed to church planting. This informs our missions efforts. Every member is a missionary by going or by supporting missions work in order to reach our world with the Good news of the gospel.

The Churches /Ministries we see is Socially-relevant

We share the aspirations of our community for responsible leadership, free enterprise, entrepreneurship, social justice, and equal opportunity for individuals irrespective of gender, creed, or race.

The Churches /Ministries we see is Technology-driven

We use the most contemporary, appropriate and cost-effective technology to serve our members and our world. We deliberately and systematically take advantage of the power of the Social Media in our age, to engage a wide spectrum of audience with appropriate contents that appeal to their sensibilities and situations.

The Churches /Ministries we see is Transparent

We are open to public scrutiny in the conduct of our affairs within the boundaries of moral and legal requirements, giving no offense to “the Jews, the Gentiles or the Church – the Body of Christ Worldwide”.

We are here to serve the kingdom through the people we minister to. You are certainly one of them. Join us today!


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