Our Programmes

Graced Family Chapel offers different programmes to meet needs of the members and reaching out to those outside our local Assembly. Some of these programmes include:



…Stabilising Marriages & Families 


Family life is important to God. Married life could be bliss or bland. Sustainable societies are a product of healthy marriages and stable families.  At Grace Family Life Academy (GFA) we promote responsible family life, build healthy marriages as we teach and model values that stabilise marriages and families. The Institute holds Seminars and Events for Singles; holds Pre-Marital Classes for intending Couples; holds Marriage Enrichment Class for Married Couples; organizes Mentoring Support for Couples; and holds Family Moments, which brings couples together to share their marital experiences and mark wedding anniversaries.

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…Food Changes life


Jesus said, I was hungry and you fed me….” (Matt. 25:35).  Certainly, there are people around us who, because of present circumstances, can’t afford good meals for themselves and their families. Particularly, we believe that no member of our Church should go to bed hungry at any time, except the Church is not aware of the situation.

Grace Kitchen & Food Centre Ltd (GKFC) is a social enterprise company established to provide nutritious meal and food items at low cost to individuals that are circumstantially disadvantaged.

The Company is engaged in the food value chain including procurement, purchase, processing, distribution of raw food materials across the country. It also serves cooked meals. It is a resident kitchen as well as a mobile kitchen that opens in different locations as often as possible. GKFC works under the Social Impact Directorate

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… Expanding His kingdom through mentoring

The long-term plan of Chapel of Grace Transformation is to establish smaller independent Affiliate Churches and Ministries around the country and beyond. Part of our Church planting and kingdom expansion strategy is the establishment of Grace Affiliate Churches and Ministries (GACM). It is a mentoring support platform through which CGTM helps Churches and Para-Church Ministries affiliated to it, to receive diverse ministerial supports and resources to enable each Affiliate to function effectively within its peculiar focus. Terms of Engagement for Affiliation are available on request.  The Directorate of Missions shall be responsible for administering GACM.

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… Giving you platform to fulfill His call on your life


Grace Ministerial Internship Programme (GMIP) is an initiative of Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry. GMIP is designed to prepare individuals to start out in Ministry. It is directed at those who perceive a call of God on their life and are seeking a platform to learn how to begin fulfilling that call. 

GMI Programme identifies, recruits, and builds men and women who have a call into ministry and supports them to pursue their callings. Interns serve with Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry for a period, between 1 and 3 years.

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GMIP admission requirements

Individuals who want to enroll in GMI Programme must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. They must collect, complete and return the Application Form
  2. The Candidate must serve in this Ministry for the period of the Programme
  3. He/she must be a Graduate (ND/NCE/HND/BSC) or an Undergraduate student
  4. He/she can serve in CGTM on full time or part time basis to enable him/her have time to pursue their ministerial and/or secular education or jobs. Read More…

GMIP Benefits

  1. Candidates are exposed to diverse ministerial opportunities and training with specific emphasis on their peculiar areas of calling, during the internship period.
  2. Those who want to start a Church, pastor a Church or start a Para-church ministryafter the Porgramme are assisted in the process.
  3. Those that complete the programme become part of the GMIP Alumni and enjoy continuing mentorship support. Read More…


… Raising economic champions

The Young Entrepreneurs Book Camp is a specially designed programme through which CGTM trains her people in business and social entrepreneurship, support them to get started and provide them continuing mentorship. It usually holds between 1-4 weeks, depending on what issues are in focus. Usually, CGTM partners with relevant government and private organizations anywhere to deliver on this programme which primary aim is to encourage economic independence and reduce material poverty among church people.

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