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OCTOBER 23-28, 2023

It’s time to experience the rich blend of African foods as you discuss business around food and kitchen wares. 

Are you looking for an opportunity to grow and improve your business in this ever-growing food and kitchen ware market?

The African Foods & Kitchen wares Festival is where you need to be.

7 Reasons why you should attend this Festival.

  1. Network with market leaders within the Food, beverage, Kitchen ware, and Hospitality industry.
  2. Make local and international business connections in the food and kitchen wares industry.
  3. Source new and improved suppliers .
  4. Taste, smell, and sample thousands of food products form around Nigeria.
  5. Meet over 3000 visitors and industry professionals
  6. Network with 150+ exhibitors
  7. Free attendance if you pre-register

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… Food Changes Life



Hygienically prepared

Healthy fresh fruit salad in a bowl.

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Grace Kitchen & Food Centre Ltd

Tel/Whatsapp: 0708 015 7176

Plot MF41, KMC Street,

Off NNPC Filling Station,

Karu Site, Abuja.



Good food makes a lot of difference. Good food must not cost a fortune.

Grace Kitchen & Food Centre Ltd (GKFC) is a limited liability company registered in 2018 that operates as a social enterprise (RC: 1557824). The Company exits as a a business arm of  Graced Family Chapel and FLED Multi-purpose Cooperative Society Ltd. 

The Company objectives include:

  1. To engage in Procurement; Purchase; Packaging; Processing; Distribution; and Supply of raw food products across the country or elsewhere to meet the food needs of individuals and families in distress, including those in IDP Camps, disaster-affected areas, etc.
  2. To operate Kitchens in different parts of the country where meals are served to persons at affordable rates.
  3. To set up and operate Food shops across the country where distressed persons can purchase raw food items and provisions at reduced prices with vouchers.
  4. To operate Franchise Food Shops and Kitchens across the country as we create and promote our food peculiar recipes.
  5. To provide in-door and out-door catering services to individuals and organisations that may require such services.
  6. To operate as Farmers off-taker on raw food items purchase and distribution.
  7. To engage in the export of Raw and packaged food products
  8. To liaise with Food and Beverage Companies; National and International agencies involved in food supplies, to mitigate hunger and deliver affordable and nutritious food to those in need.
  9. To organise Food Festivals, Cooking Competitions and Exhibition of Kitchenware and to promote local cuisines.
  10. To organise public education activities in collaboration with relevant government and private organisations to promote safe food handling through seminars and workshops in print and electronic media platforms and the internet.
  11. To carry out other activities within the food and agricultural value chain.
  12. To do all such other things as may be considered incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.

For more information

Tel/Whatsapp: 0708 015 7176


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