Membership Covenant


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Having received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour and baptized in water by immersion; having completed the Membership Class; and being in agreement with the Purpose and Structure of CGTM, I now decide to take up Membership in Graced Family Chapel (aka Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry).

In doing this, I commit myself to God and to the other members of the Church family to do the following:

I will protect the unity of my church

  • By acting in love toward other members – Rom. 14:19; 1Pet.1:22.
  • By refusing to gossip or engage in foul talk  – Eph.4:29
  • By following the leaders as they follow Christ – Heb. 13:17

I will share the responsibility of my church

  • by praying for its spiritual and numerical growth – I Thess. 1: 1-2
  • by inviting others to attend church, particularly non-believers – Luke 14:23
  • by warmly welcoming the brethren and visitors to our church – Rom. 15:7

I will serve in the Church

  • by discovering my ministry gifts and calling – 1 Pet. 4:10 TLB
  • by being equipped to serve with my pastors in my specific ministry – Eph. 4: 11-12
  • by developing  a servant’s heart – Phil. 2:3-7

I will support the testimony of the Church

  • By attending church as regularly as possible – Heb. 10:25
  • By living a godly life – Phil. 1:27
  • By fulfilling my part of Kingdom Financial Responsibilities in tithes, offerings and other covenant responsibilities as the Lord has blessed me – I Cor. 9: 6-8

I also agree to submit myself to discipline according to Biblical standards if found wanting in any or all of the items in 1 – 4, above.

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