Our Message


Our Message: What Preach & Teach

Tenets of Faith

We believe in:1) The Holy Trinity 
2) The Deity of Christ 
3) The Virgin Birth  of Jesus
4) The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit 
5) The Verbal Inspiration, Inerrancy and Sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures 
6) The Genesis Account of Creation 
7) Justification by Faith
8) The Blood Atonement
9) The Necessity of Repentance and the New Birth 
10) The Free Will of Man

11 The Sanctity of Male-Female Marriage 
12) The Necessity of Perseverance and a Holy Life 
13) The Great Commission

14) The Church as the Universal Body of Christ, with local Assemblies
15) The Second Coming of Christ
16) The Resurrection of the Body 
17) The Eternal Bliss of the Saved in Heaven
18) An Eternal Hell for the Unsaved – those that reject Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour

Our Message, Our Gospel

Our message is scripturally holistic. Our focus is on The Gospel of Grace, which Apostle Paul expounded in the New Testament, and The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven, which Jesus preached and commanded his Disciples to also preach (Matt.4:17; 10:7; 24:14).  We refer to The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven as the Transformation Message.

Therefore, our Message or Gospel is two-fold or two-in-one:  Grace and Transformation, from which our Ministry derives its name: Chapel of Grace Transformation.

We believe that the Gospel of Grace brings us into God’s family and His Kingdom. But the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven teaches us how to think, talk and take responsibility on earth, right now, as kingdom personalities.

  1. The Message of Grace (Eph. 2:8; Titus 2:11 & 12) – salvation is only by Grace through faith; and Grace now teaches us to deny ungodliness and to live an impactful life in this world through the grace of God. 

  • The Message of Transformation (Rom. 12: 2, Matt. 4:17; 10:7; 24:14 )

The Ministry’s transformation message is anchored on following sub-thematic issues

Spiritual transformation (Rom.3:23; 6: 23; 12:2)

We preach that 

  • Sin was the cause of man’s fall and alienation from God; everyone was born ‘short’.
  • Jesus Christ is man’s answer to the sin question
  • Everyone must accept the redemptive work of Christ to be saved
  • Saved people must continually renew their minds with the Word of God, to think with the Word, and to interpret the world from the Word.
  • Saved people must align their present pursuits with the eternal purpose of God. 

Intellectual transformation(Hosea 4:6; Isaiah 33:6)

We maintain that

  • People must seek knowledge by embracing education – Christian and secular education
  • People must acquire and possess educated, renewed minds in order to make kingdom impact.

Economic transformation (Deut. 18:8; 3John 2)

We believe that

  • Economic poverty is  a curse
  • Economic poverty can be overcome through covenant practices and hard work
  • Economic empowerment is crucial for kingdom advancement
  •  We have a responsibility to support people to become economically empowered to enjoy a decent life and make kingdom impact.

Health status transformation (3John 2, 1 Cor. 6:19)

We recognize that

  • Divine health is our covenant heritage
  • Sound physical and mental health are requisite for a productive life
  • We must maintain responsible lifestyle and observe preventive healthcare
  • Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; therefore we must not abuse it through irresponsible lifestyle of consumption.

Family transformation (Psm. 68:6; Eph. 3:15)

We insist that

  • The family is the foundation of society
  • Family life is central to fulfilling God’s plan on earth
  • Responsible family life is a Commandment from God
  • Professional/Career transformation (Prov. 22:29)

We are persuaded that

  • Professions and careers are God’s avenues for believers’ ministries to the world
  • Believers must constantly update their professional knowledge and skills for effective service in their world for the Kingdom.

Social transformation ( Matt. 5:13-16; Jer. 29:7)

We admit that

  • We are the salt and the light in our world – our influence must count
  • Our society looks up to us to enforce social justice, equity and fairness
  • We are to support the weak and empower the vulnerable.

Political transformation (Isaiah 9: 6 & 7; Rom. 13: 1-7; 1Tim. 2:1-4)

We believe that

  • Our God is the Governor of the nations
  • Governments are of God, but Government officials may not always do the will of God
  • We must be actively involved in politics and governance for public good
  • We are to pray for and support our Government to administer society and make it stable.

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