We are a Hybrid Church, which means we have Online & Offline Members who are part of our global family.

Membership Information


We are pleased to introduce to you, Graced Family Chapel .  We are a purpose-driven, multi-dimensional Church family. We are global in outlook, yet working actively within our community to build lives and to transform our society, one step at a time.

Our primary purpose is to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to those that come in contact with us and help them become what God designed to be. We exist to Build lives for Kingdom Impact.

We recognize that deciding to join a local Church is not a matter to be taken lightly, particularly when one has experienced disappointments with numerous local Assemblies, elsewhere in the past. That is why we ask you to step out of the past and give yourself a Brand New Experience.

Our Brand Proposition

Perhaps you desire a place where you could listen to life-application Bible teachings. May be you want to re-connect with real-life Christian values of Character and Charisma, in the present world of superfluity and nothingness.

We are pleased to offer you such a place, and more. Graced Family is the place. We are here for you. We are committed to helping you strengthen and solidify your life in Christ through the teaching of balanced, life-application, kingdom-focused Word of God.

We are here to help you discover your life’s purpose in God and to support you to pursue that purpose. We are committed to using the Word of God to help you lead a productive life; maintain a strong family life, become an active citizen in your community, and so that you can contribute to Kingdom expansion through your everyday public engagement.

Our work is grounded in the following:

  • Preaching the Word of God to save the lost;
  • Teaching the Word of God to establish the saved;
  • Training the established to be productive in life  and ministry; and
  • Releasing the trained into a flourishing life and ministry for Kingdom impact

We Would Like You To Join Us

If truly you seek a place where you can find love, acceptance, and encouragement in Christ to enable you fulfill God’s purpose for your life, we ask you to consider joining our Church family. 

To help you make informed decision on this invitation, we have tried to answer a few questions that may agitate your mind. We owe you this responsibility!

Perhaps you ask…

  • Will I Fit Here?

You may be concerned about acceptance. You may want to know if you will be accepted in our Church. We are a multi-cultural Church family with people of diverse ages, experiences and exposures. That is why we have established Special Interest Groups (SIM) in the Church so that no matter your background, there are people of similar language, exposures, interests, or circumstances you can identify with and relate with while you are in the Church.

  • Will anyone want to know me?

You may be concerned about relationships. Yes! Everyone, including you, needs a friend and likes to enjoy quality relationships. This is one thing Graced Family provides. We have created different opportunities for you to develop relationships within the congregation through ministry groups. Once you join, all you need to do is identify the Ministry Group that suites you and get involved immediately.

  • Am I needed?

You may wonder if you will be valued. You may wonder if there is anything you can contribute with your life when you join this Church. We recognize that people want to make impact with their lives. We know that people like you have gifts and talents; and would like to be recognized and valued for who they are and what they have. Certainly, your gifts matter; and your talents matter, too. The Church has created the environment for you to use your talent and abilities to serve God and make a difference.

  • What is the advantage of joining?

“What is in it for me?” It’s about benefit. You ask, “How would joining this Church help me identify and fulfill God’s purpose for my life?” This is an important question, and we welcome it.

We recognize that the Kingdom of God is structured on benefits. It is not in bad taste if people want to know what they stand to benefit if they join a local Church. After all, Peter, the Apostle said to Jesus, we have left everything to follow you, what do we stand to gain? (Paraphrased)  Jesus did not rebuke him or deride him for asking. Instead, He assured Peter and the other Apostles, of their benefits, both here and hereafter.

Following from the Master’s example, at Graced Family, we are proactive in figuring out ‘what’s in it for you’. We offer spiritual, social, and other benefits, once you become a member.

Benefits of Membership

  1. You are identified as an individual not just a number in the crowd (Eph. 2:19, Rom. 12:5)
  2. The church provides you an extended family to turn to for support and prayer in times of crisis; and to encourage you in your walk with God (Gal. 6:1-2, Heb. 10: 24-25).
  3. You are exposed to faith-based; life-application Bible teachings that enable you to maintain a balanced Christian lifestyle. These are delivered to you via different formats and platforms.
  4. Through the teaching of God’s Word, you discover your life’s purpose and how to pursue it with knowledge, wisdom, and passion.
  5. As you attend Church, physically or online, you connect with the Holy Spirit in fellowship with the Brethren.
  6. You are taught how to be economically independent and to become a responsible active citizen in your community.
  7. You are entitled to receive practical support to start your own Ministry anywhere, once you are ready to go.
  8. Membership of this Church places you under spiritual protection of Godly leaders (Heb. 13:17; Acts 20; 28-29). This gives you the accountability you need to grow as a believer (Eph. 5:21).
  9. There’s spiritual fellowship and association with other positive, wholesome and spiritually minded people who provide support, mentoring, counsel and friendship.
  10. The Church stands with you in times of personal life challenges and supports you in all matters relating to your physical, material, financial and social well-being.
  11. You are connected to a family that truly cares about your welfare, 360 degrees. And that is why we say: “Always with you”. This is not just a slogan. It’s a sacred promise!

Requirements for Membership

You could be an online or offline Member of Graced Family Chapel. To be accepted as an Offline member of our church, you are expected to fulfill the following the requirements. You:

  1. Must have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior – with evidence
  2. Complete Membership Application Form – you can complete online
  3. Must be Baptized in water by immersion –– with evidence
  4. Must have attended Believers Foundation Class – with evidence
  5. Attend Membership Class – online or physically
  6. Sign Membership Covenant – the form is available online

Our online membership is flexible. 

Click here to register as Member

Responsibilities of Membership

As a member of the Body of Christ and of Local Assembly in particular, you have responsibilities. Responsibilities are areas the Church expects, you as a new member, to aspire to and grow in. A new member may take months or years to become fully mature in carrying out all the responsibilities of Membership. The following are areas a new member can work towards:

  1. Regularly attend and participate in weekly church meetings. Participate in worship, prayer and growth opportunities that are offered.
  2. Live a Godly life, with the Lord’s help, as a testimony to the power of God. And as you do, you’ll notice and those around you will notice the blessing of God in your life.
  3. Reach out to others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Tell your friends, co-workers, neighbours and family how the Lord is working in your life, and using your church to do great things.
  4. Support the work of Ministry with your generous giving of tithes, offerings and any other special gifts. This shows you acknowledge the Lord as the source of your finances and is a key to releasing financial blessing in your life.
  5. Participate in activities and service opportunities, as they present themselves in the Church.
  6. Contribute to the work of the church as a member of a small group, ministry, or committee.
  7. Participate in social/fellowship activities. Get to know your new Church family and let them get to know you!

What more can we say?

Graced Family Chapel is a place of diverse opportunities for you to develop spiritual character; develop strong family values; gain ministry skills; participate in mission outreaches; be empowered for self-reliance in a global world of change and challenge.  

You are welcome to the family of God.

Start by filling out the Membership Form right now.

Click here to join the global Graced Family

We eagerly wait to receive you as you join us in fellowship, online or offline. 

We love you!

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