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Graced Family Chapel provides different openings and platforms for individuals to relate with others, locate their ministry, and utilize their gifts and talents to serve and contribute. Ministry Groups start on purpose and specialize. Within each Group are still smaller groups. For instance:

  1. Outreach Ministry (OM). This is an arm of the Church that reaches out beyond the spheres of our local church to minister to those outside (Luke 4:18; Acts 1:8). Evangelism is the focus. Examples of Small Groups within the Outreach Ministry include:

  1. Hospital Ministry – This group focuses on healing and restoration by demonstrating the compassion of Jesus to the sick. Their target is hospitals and clinics where sick people are temporarily resident.
  2. Brothel Ministry – This ministry focuses on identity restoration, rebuilding of self-esteem and practical demonstration of the love and forgiveness that Jesus provides. The Members minister to those operating in ‘red-light’ districts of town. 
  3. Prison Ministry – This Ministry’s focus is on forgiveness, restoration and rehabilitation of prisoners and ex-convicts.  

  • Ministry Support Groups (MSG) focuses on congregational care, fellowship, and worship. Examples of small groups include: Ushers, Greeters, Security & Protocol, Sanitation & Decoration Team, Prayer Team, Benevolence Team, Technical Team, etc.
  • Growth Support Ministries (GSM). The groups are formed around specific ministries. Examples include:

  1. Women’s Ministry (The Ruth Company) – comprising all married women no matter their age. The group works to engender the virtues of motherhood in the home and promotes active participation of women in ministry, within and outside our local Church.
  2. Men’s Ministry (Camp David) – comprises all married men irrespective of their age. The group has the mandate to develop the REAL man at home, in the congregation and in the society.
  3. Youth Ministry (Camp Timothy) – Comprise all young people ages 19 to 30 that are not married.
  4. Teens Ministry (Camp Joseph) – This includes the Early Teens (ages 12 – 14) and the Late Teens (15-18). 
  5. Children Ministry (Camp Samuel) –This is the foundation.  Comprise children ages 0 -11 years.

  • Special Interest Ministries (SIM)these are small groups built around careers, professions and other different interests. Examples of SIM include

  1. Singles Fellowship – comprises all those looking forward to starting a family life through marriage. Although there is no age limit, those below 18 years are not allowed.
  2. Medical Corps – Comprises all Medical and Para-medical personnel, attending to medical challenges as they may arise.  
  3. Legal Aid – Consists of all legal and Para-legal officers, ministering on legal matters.
  4. Media Ministry – Journalists, media practitioners and other technically oriented media workers belong here. They are responsible for publishing and broadcasting the Word through all media.
  5. The Jehu Company –   This group is for those called into politics and security services
  6. The Tarshish Business Club (TBC) – This group is for entrepreneurs, business leaders and owners. They are to raise business people, entrepreneurs and kingdom financiers. This group shall support the hosting of Emerging Entrepreneurs Boot Camp.
  7. Drama Ministry (Something Else) – Actors, actresses and others gifted in dramatic arts belong here. They minister by depicting the Word in drama.

Others include:  Single Parents Group, Widows/Widowers Group, Expectant Parents Group, etc.

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