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Graced Family Chapel – aka Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry – is a purpose-driven missionary Church family committed to transforming lives for kingdom impact.

We exist to serve individuals who seek holistic refreshment  for their lives, including spiritual, mental, emotional, material and more.

We provide platform for individuals to experience God’s love, discover their purpose in God and pursue God’s purpose for their lives.

Legal status

The Church Ministry was registered with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission in September 2012 and was officially inaugurated in May 2013.

Our registered objectives include:

  1. To preach and teach the Word of God to all mankind
  2. To establish Churches and Ministries in different parts of the country and elsewhere
  3. To promote Christian education in Nigeria and around the world
  4. To contribute to societal development through community service initiatives.

Our Purpose (Why We Exist)

As part of the larger Body of Christ around the world, “We exist to transform lives that will pursue God’s purpose and make kingdom impact”. We exist to raise ministers for diverse ministries.

Our Background

Graced Family Chapel is the outworking of a vision God gave to Joseph C. Ibekwe on February 17, 1995. During a session of three days fasting and personal inquiry while in Lagos, God spoke specifically to him from Isaiah 58:12b in this manner: “Go raise the foundations of many generations; those that come out of thee shall build the old waste places, and you shall be called The repairer of the breach, The restorer of the paths to dwell in”.

This vision led him to inaugurate a non- government organization on April 17, 1995, now called Foundation for Leadership & Education Development (FLED). Later on in 1999, he founded FLED International Leadership Institute, a graduate professional leadership development Institution with the mandate to train and mentor transformational leaders in Africa.

Joseph and his wife, Maryann, started Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry in July 2012 in Karu Site, Abuja, Nigeria. The Church is to expand the mandate originally given to him, “to go raise the foundations of many generations…”

Joseph is a professional journalist, and his wife is a Professional Public Accountant as an employee of the Federal Government of Nigeria. He is the publisher of Future World Magazine and the Lead Coach at The Joseph Coaching International.

In the past 30 years, they have individually and collectively served as supportive Ministers in different Ministries, including Christ Chapel International Churches, under Dr. Tunde Joda; Household of God Church, Lagos; under Rev. Chris Okotie; Living Faith Church under Bishop David Oyedepo, and The Summit Bible Church under Dr. Andrew Osakwe.

Joseph is a graduate of Kenneth E. Hagin’s Rhema Bible Training Centre, Nigeria, were he specialized in spiritual and societal leadership; while his wife, Maryann, is currently a level two Student at Rhema Bible Training Centre, Nigeria.

Love shows and love speaks!

At Graced Family, we are committed to making God’s word real in the daily lives of our members. We help individuals develop strong personal relationship with Jesus as they discover themselves in Him.

We are committed to providing experiential and inspiring platform for individuals to explore the riches of God in their lives and to support them to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives in grand style.

We have created this interactive website to help you explore our Ministry’s purpose; our message; our structure, and how we are organized for kingdom impact.

We hope you will take the time to navigate our difference sections. We trust you also consider joining us to scale up what God has asked us to do for him through Graced Family Chapel.

It’s about Him and through Him; and working together with you, the job is made easier.

We love you so much. And we expect you in Church very soon, online or onsite.

We also would love  to hear from you shortly.

Rev. Dr. Joseph & Maryann Ibekwe

Our Location

KMC Hotel, KMC Street,

Karu Site, Abuja

Tel: +234-803 326 1363

email: info@gracedfamily.org.ng

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