Be Good!

Don’t Stop Doing Good!


Whenever it’s in your power, always help someone, even if they never return to say “thank you”. Never stop doing good because someone disappointed you or took your goodness for granted.

Think about how many times you’ve disappointed God or didn’t even remember to say “thank you Lord”, for the little things He does for you. And He never ceases to be good to you. Because that’s who He is. God is God – Chidimma.

You know the irony? Some of those you help may not return to say “thank you”. Some would like to return to do you an appreciation favour, but circumstances of life may not permit them to do it when they desire. In their hearts, they are grateful, but they may not have physical acts to demonstrate to you how grateful they are.

In all of these situations, know for sure that no good deed, done to anyone, goes unnoticed by the one who is good and who knows how to reward good deeds – God is the eventual rewarder of good deeds.

Do good because of God, not necessarily because of people. The reason? People may fail you and become ungrateful. However, God never fails and He always pays back in multiple measures, one good deed done to someone, because of Him.

This is the Gospel of Love, which I believe in and practice. Practice it yourself and see how your life and neighbourhood will be transformed.

I am one person that has disappointed some of those who did good to me, not because I wanted to, but due to circumstances of life beyond my control. There are some who did me so much good, but they died before I could organize myself to appreciate them. God knows them.

I know one thing: God is good. God is my Father, and I want to be like my Father – being good.

Will I be hurt by people in spite of being good to them? Yes, of course. Have I hurt God even when He remains good to me? Yes, indeed, and many times for that matter. But God remains good to me. So I want to remain good to others, in spite of the hurts. That’s one of the ways to demonstrate the statement, “like Father like son”.

I am a son of God because I born of God. God is my Father. Whatever is in my Father should be in me. I have my Father’s DNA. Goodness is God’s DNA.

If you are born of God, then you are a son of God, irrespective of your gender. It means also you have the “Goodness DNA” in you. Therefore, manifest.

“For the whole creation is waiting for manifestation of the sons of God”, which son you are.

Let’s keep doing good, not looking at faces or counting the costs of disappointments.

Stay blessed ๐Ÿ’—

Rev. Joseph C. Ibekwe

*PS:* Goodness is an act of grace, not because you deserve it, but it’s freely given. Be good.

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