Marriage is more than Partnership 

Marriage is more than Partnership 

By Rev. Dr. Joseph C. Ibekwe


Marriage is not a Partnership, but about Authority. Any man that cannot manage authority must not think of marriage. Any lady that does not want to submit to authority should better stay single.

The Law of Husband is about ability to handle authority. Authority goes with responsibility. There are many irresponsible husbands and it is creating problems in our homes and society.

There are many non- submissive, self-willed wives, this is causing lots of divorces. A Lady that does not want to take instructions, should better stay alone.

Marriage is about handling authority and submitting to authority according to God’s instructions. Anything less, is not worth your life.

Those who are married or are considering marriage must think about this: Authority – handling authority responsibly and submitting to authority under God.

Take note of how God does things and fall in line. That is the only way to retain your sanity. You fight it, you lose.

This is not about gender roles in terms of a woman helping the husband or the man tapping into the help of the wife.
It is about headship, authority and submission.

The fact is that Marriage is founded on the divine principle of headship. Love is what galvanizes and sustains that relationship, but love cannot work outside the realm of authority.

The Trinity is about headship. This applies in marriage. Once headship is disregarded or treated with levity, the foundation is destroyed.

This issue of headship is the basis for many marriage breakages. Without proper understanding of this divine principle both on the man’s side and on the woman’s side, marriage cannot meet God’s standard.

This has nothing to do with the superiority of man or inferiority of the woman. It’s about God’s order. Everyone, both husband and wife, must understand this principle and fall in line.

Of course, whatever principle God sets in motion Satan always tries to twart it. The same applies to the principle of headship and authority.

If anyone does not understand or does want to align with the divine principle of headship within marriage, the person, man or woman, should not get married. Otherwise….

This is the point.

By the way, a woman is a “help meet” not a “help mate”. These are two different things.
In God’s eye, the woman completes the man to fulfill the purpose God had in mind when he created Adam.

Help mate is our understanding and practice of a wife being supportive to her husband in the home, and perhaps in Ministry. That is good, but that was not the primary reason God gave Adam Eve.

Help meet supercedes help mate.

Marriage from God’s eye is not about Partnership, but about headship. But in our application of marriage, we can see it as a partnership, that is, a husband and wife working together. This is okay from our eyes, but I am looking at it from God’s perspective.

The whole fight or struggle about women liberation, feminism, and the like are part Satan’s subtle attack on the principle of headship which God established in the home for our stability.

Make no mistake about this. There is a difference in relationship between men and women in the society, outside of marriage. My focus here is only as it pertains in marriage.

Receive understanding.

Rev. Joseph C.Ibekwe

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