Live Beyond Loyalty

Live Beyond Loyalty

By Joseph C. Ibekwe


Many people live their lives on sincerity and loyalty. While these are important virtues for life, they are not enough to keep you off from avoidable errors.

Pst. Kenneth E. Hagin made a profound statement which should attraction our attention.

He said, “Take note that it is not just bad people who get into a ditch. Good people – sincere well – meaning Christian believers whose zealousness for the truth is commendable can allow their zeal to exceed their wisdom. I believe that even some of the Christian leaders whose failures made national headlines in the past years did not intentionally set out to hurt any one or to fall. They went out on tangent and got away from the main purpose and central Truth of the gospel. Once out of track, it was all too easy to go downhill in a hurry”.

This statement is more apt in our present day than ever before.

Please take note that the kingdom race is not run on the legs of sincerity and loyalty only, but on the strong legs of knowledge and divine wisdom. It’s good to be loyal to your leaders, but that must be within the ambit of knowledge and discretion.

Scriptures declares:

“Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of your time and the strength of your salvation”.

Please pray that your life will be guided by wisdom and knowledge, and not just by sincerity and loyalty to a person or a vision.

Many sincerely innocent Christian people have been led astray by others, than the Devil did directly. Otherwise, how do you explain situations where people are asked to drink concoctions and eat grass by their leader, and they actually submit to them.

May you be guided away from falling into any ditch of error, in JESUS name.

Enjoy the best of God!

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