Praying for and Praying Against

Praying Right!

by Joseph C. Ibekwe


Prayer is one of our tools of engagement with God that enables us to prevail on earth.

We are to “pray for”, to “pray about”, and to “pray against”. It’s important for you to know what form of prayer to engage in per time.

For instance, scriptures command us to “pray for” those in authority so that we might live in a peaceful and quite life in all godliness. “Praying for” the leaders is very important, particularly Political leaders, so that God will grant them wisdom to make wise decisions for a better society. 

But there is a time to “pray against” those in authority so that they cease from progressing in error. When it’s obvious that those in leadership are consistently doing the wrong things or driving society into oppression and injustice, it’s time to change your prayer approach.

When you take a stand against injustice, against oppression, against violence, against destruction of lives and property; against the things those in authority are supposed to take care of, but refuse to do or are negligent of doing, you are “praying against”, and it is legitimate prayers.

Any time you stand against what God is against or against those who violate what God stands for, then you are taking sides with God. But any time you take sides with, directly or indirectly, with issues as injustice, oppression, violent murder of helpless people, destruction of peoples property or means of livelihood, or you support those who do these things, either because of political reasons or whatever; you have taken sides against God. This must be clear to you.

God can never come down to prevail on earth except we give Him permission or invite Him. Reason is that He has given the earth to the sons of men. We’re in charge here, on his behalf, to order the earth and sanitize it.

Ignorance and complacency nauseates God and hinders him from intervening in the affairs of your nation. 

While you “pray for”, those in authority, there is a time to also “pray against” those in authority who promote what God hates. “Praying against” does not mean “hate those people who are in authority”. If you are a Christian, you are not called to hate people. You are called to love and to take a stand against the issues that violate God’s will. If the issues you pray against will eventually consume those who perpetuate it or promote it, so be it. God will handle that.

Think about what your leaders do and are doing. Consider when to change your prayer approach to align with God’s expectation.

Maybe it’s time to “pray against”. The Bible says, there is time for everything under the sun. You must know the times you are in and act accordingly.

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