Grace Makes You to Work

Grace Makes You to Work


“Grace is God’s divine ability freely given to us to do things that we cannot do on our own”.

By Joseph Ibekwe

Grace moves you to work – and to work really hard. Grace does not make you lazy, but pushes you to put yourself on the line, to work really hard at what you do.

Except you put a demand on grace, you will “disgrace” grace.

Grace increases for the person who engages with the grace already received. Once grace is not put to use, it diminishes. Grace is not static. It’s either being used and it grows or it is unused and it diminishes.

What is the grace of God have you discovered works in you? What are you doing with it?

One of the things about grace is that it requires platform to operationalize it. Oftentimes, you need a platform to put the grace of God on your life to use. Incidentally, God has given some people the grace to build platforms and make the platforms available to those who don’t have the grace to build platforms.

Grace works by humility. Those that don’t have the grace to build platforms should have the humility to stand on the platform created by those with the grace, in order to amplify their own grace.

Yes, you have grace, but you need a platform to get your grace activated. Grace without platform for operationalization will be grounded. Don’t allow the of God on your life to be grounded. Either you build your own platform or you seek out an existing platform to stand and begin to put the grace of God in your life to work.

Even Jesus, our Lord. He had to begin to put the grace on His life to work by standing on the platform of the Synagogues. He began his public ministry form the synagogues. This was before be established his ministry team that began to travel all around Galilee and Samaria to teach and preach. Look around you and get started on a platform. Grace works by work. Learn from Jesus Christ.


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(C) Rev. Joseph C. Ibekwe

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