How to Communicate Jesus to the world

How to Communicate Jesus to the world 

By Rev. Joseph C. Ibekwe


 It’s obvious we are in the information age. We are in the age when means and channels of information dissemination have become ubiquitous. We are also in the season when the volume of information available in the public space is massive and confusing. It is in this very information age that Christians and Christianity faces a major challenge. The challenge of communication.

We have the challenge of how to communicate the person and the name of Jesus to the world in a non-threatening manner without watering down the power in His name and in His person.

There are many who speak for and speak about Jesus, but they do so in ways that make Him look unattractive to those who truly desire to meet Him and to Know Him.

Communication is the key to unlock the door of our gospel and let the world into the glory of Christianity. This communication has to be authentic, effective and holistic. The holistic nature of our gospel communication consists of the following three aspects.

  • Communication in Words– what we say about Jesus –
  • Communication in Actions – what we do and how we do them
  • Communication in Mannerisms – how we comport ourselves and lead our daily lives.

There has to be a sync. There has to be agreement in what we say, what we do, and how we lead our lives. Lack of sync among Christians is a major reason Christianity is losing power in the public space and is being blasphemed in the world today.

New converts to the faith need to be taught what to say about the person of Jesus Christ and how to say it. They need to be taught how to lead the Christian life in a world of confusion in values and appearances.

Let’s work on how we communicate Jesus to the world. Otherwise, we world mistake Christianity as one those religions in the world, and Christianity is not so.  

(C) Joseph Ibekwe



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