Take Charge of Your Life

Take Charge of Your Life

When your life is under attack. And distractions are rearing their ugly heads. And the enemy is poking you, from all sides.

Learn to stay calm. Become strategically dumb. Don’t answer back everything. But keeping doing whatever good you can, within your capacity.

Speak into your own life to regain focus and confidence.

It shall work out in praise to the glory of God.

Don’t allow someone’s words, no matter how pungent, to ruin your life.

Your word and God’s word, spoken by you, into your own life, are what determines your victory.

Nobody can determine your victory, except you give the power of your life to them.

Stay with the Word – God’s word. For in the word is your life, safety, longevity and victory.

You are created by spoken words and your life sustained and could be destroyed by spoken or written words. Don’t allow what someone said to you or about you detail you from becoming the best you were meant to be.

The word of God builds you up. The word of man can build you up or destroy you, depending on how you receive. Decide to give your benefit of choosing how to respond to what people say to you or do to you. 

You have to take charge of your life, because in the end, the story will be about you, not about them.

Joseph C. Ibekwe

Lead Pastor

Graced Family Chapel, Abuja

Tel: 0803 326 1363



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