Forgive, so you don’t break and snap

Forgive, SO You Don’t Break and  Snap

See the way God does things and fall into line. Don’t fight the facts of nature“. Eccl.7:13 (TLB).

There are situations about your life that you cannot do anything about in terms of changing them. You must learn to accept such situations and still make the best of life.

Bemoaning missed opportunities and lost years won’t give you any advantage for the future. You must learn to move forward, in spite of. 

Observe how God does things and simply fall unto line. Don’t always try to change things. There are things you can change and things you can’t change. But you must learn to keep living life in full and making the best out of the life you have at the moment, no matter how imperfect it might seem.

As the year gradually draws to an end, three things I desire of you to do: forgive yourself, forgive others, and give thanks to God. No matter where you are at, remember that it could have been worse, if not for the mercy of God.

Life is a flow; it’s like the pathway of a flowing river. It’s never a straight course. A little bend here because of an obstacle, another bend there because of another obstacle. The river never stops flowing, even though it encounters many obstacles. 

Many of us have had lots of bends this year. Business, family, ministry, and finances have proved challenging. Each of these has posed as an obstacle along our way this year. We have had to bend away from friends because we couldn’t measure up in so many areas.  

But we refused to give up on life. We understand that the bends are temporary and as long we remain flexible, we can continue to move forward, provided we are ready to bend a little more.

Inflexibility and inability to bend are reasons some people snap and break. This passing year, many got broken because they couldn’t bend. They couldn’t bear the shame that came their way because they couldn’t meet up with obligations and expectations from family and friends. So they snapped.

But life is beyond these. There are times to face the shame and bear the shame. If you don’t bend when shame or reproach come on you, and you don’t have the internal strength to bear it, you will break and pass away. Interestingly, life will continue without you, as if nothing happened.

Dearly beloved of the Lord, I want you to understand that God allows the obstacles to come your way to prove your flexibility and willingness to bend so that you can move on in life, in spite of.  

Don’t yet give up on your dream; don’t give up on family; don’t give up on your old friends because they disappointed you in the year. Those are the obstacles. Please bend forward, bend backward, and bend sideways; do these so that you don’t break because of un-forgiveness and disappointments from friends, family, and associates. 

Let’s open up to fresh air as we prepare to enter the new year. Life in the world may not be any easier or better, but you must choose to live. There will be opportunities to make impact in the lives of others, don’t ignore and miss them. Don’t despise your friends and family because they disappointed you.

When everything else is gone, they are the only enduring assets that you will ever have.

Forgive and let go; not because you are weak, but you are strong in Christ to do so. Bend, so that you don’t breakdown or breakup. You may decide to bend this Christmas by doing something for someone who does not deserve it from you. This is where to begin.

You are blessed!

Joseph C. Ibekwe

Lead Pastor

Graced Family Chapel, Abuja

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